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Body Flight

Bodyflight or bodyflying is a generic term for indoor skydiving usually associated with the use of a vertical wind tunnel.

Indoor skydivers use a wind tunnel to practice and improve their freefall, bodyflight, bodyflying, flying and skydiving skills and they will often practice in a wind tunnel before taking the new skills to the sky.


Learning bodyflying

The art of freefall is all about having the ability to fly with other skydivers or bodyflyers relative to one another. There are a number of factors involved such as weight, build, body shape, jumpsuit and use of limbs. In the tunnel you can add wind speed to the equation.

At our Basingstoke (opening Summer 2013), Manchester and Milton Keynes tunnel we instruct and coach in the art of bodyflight and bodyflying but it starts with your first session.

Am I ready for bodyflight?


If you are already an experienced Airkix flyer, pro-flyer, bodyflyer or skydiver you can benefit from our best rates here and from expert coaching.

Just like many other sports, the better you become the more you tend to specialise and we can teach all aspects of bodyflight from flat flying skills, FS or formation skydiving, right through to back flying, sit flying and head down. In fact we can teach bodyflight in any orientation!

Our instructors also have a complete bodyflying progression that teaches them the art of bodyflight and, more importantly, how to teach it. They are all licensed by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA).

The IBA also offer flyer ratings for all aspects of indoor skydiving.

See the International Bodyflight Association website here.

Other flyers say…


“Advertise the restaurant more - we had to sit in car with sandwiches as didn't realise I could have brought the kids lunch inside and sat and watched the flights prior to the kids doing their own”

“The girls instructor Ben M was brilliant - my daughter Maddie was the only one in the group who panicked after about twenty seconds and came out. I wax aware that she would probably lose her go and wouldn't have the confidence to go in again for her second flight - but Ben took the time to calm her down, reassure her and he managed to gain her trust and she did indeed go back in and had a second flight! He was so kind and Maddie was so proud that she had managed to fly. My other daughter loved it and ending up buying return flights with her pocket money, Maddie doesn't want to fly again but she is very grateful to Ben for helping her to experience it last week . a lovely guy.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 10
West Lothian/Linlithgowshire
22 August 2014 at Manchester

The boss says…

You make a really good point about the restaurant. 'Salvis' are our new tenants and they are a professional Italian operator from City Centre of Manchester. We are in the process of finalising the promotional literature with them which will include mention on your confirmation email as well as more signage on the approach to the Airkix car park.”

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