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We have three fabulous locations; Basingstoke, Manchester and Milton Keynes. Airkix is the ideal venue for a unique and exciting corporate day out. The full experiences can be selected from a 'mix and match' menu or tailored exclusively to your needs.

To see for yourself why Airkix is the perfect way to 'escape the office,' check out the short video clip below...


  • Only recently available in the UK
    The Airkix tunnel experience is new to the UK and 100% unique.
  • Team bonding
    See colleagues from new angles as they let their hair down.
  • Reward & incentivise
    Reward your highest achievers with the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  • Impress your clients
    Set your company apart as forward-thinking & dynamic.
  • Taste skydiving at a fraction of the cost
    Feel the thrill without the pain in your wallet.
  • Open every day
    Airkix is open for business every day regardless of wind, rain or clouds.
  • Maximise a great PR opportunity
    Airkix is really visual, and trade mags love pictures of companies doing something different.
  • Almost anyone can fly
    The tunnel doesn't discriminate, any reasonably healthy person can fly.

And finally, scale your experience to fit your budget. Our packages are flexible and compare exceedingly well to a box at the races or a day at Lords. See our packages and Prices or call the Corporate Events Team for details.


For that extra special team celebration, why not Fly First Class in Basingstoke? Three top-class flights, a HiFly (an exhilarating 'thrill-flight' with your instructor) and a post flight video review with your host over an ice cold beer or a glass of fizz in your own VIP room. Each member of your team takes home a DVD, photo and a ‘flew first class’ log-book. It’s the best possible way to recognise Top Class Performance.

The price of £649.99 gives you exclusive use of the tunnel for up to 8 people.


The aim of a group experience is to take you beyond, and hopefully well beyond, what you can get by signing up to the regular Kix-Start or Air-Born packages.


We take groups of any size and divide the flight time between them, we suggest that you take a minimum of 4 minutes each but recommend 10-12 minutes each. The reason why is simple; it takes a few minutes to get comfortable and practiced, after that will come the big differences plus a sense of real achievement.

After about 6-8 minutes per person, we can also run better competitive events if that's your goal.

See our Packages and Prices.


A corporate trip to Airkix offers more than just the flight. Of course we include pre-flight training, debriefing video rooms, a viewing area and the tunnel itself. For bookings of two (flight) hours or more you can hire the whole tunnel for your exclusive use.

We are also able to provide delicious buffet lunches and other refreshments you may require by prior arrangement.

What’s more, we can also arrange the use of other Top Class Facilities:



Situated at the heart of the Basingstoke Leisure Park, we’re right next door to some great places to eat and drink. Of course, there’s fast food options such as KFC and Macdonalds, or the Spruce Goose & Little Frankies for a more traditional restaurant experience. The neighbouring Premier Inn hotel aslo offers some hearty food choices and is well worth checking out.

For more details, or to make reservations please contact our corporate events team on 01908 247773.


Chill Factore Manchester

Airkix Manchester offers a conference room that is perfect for groups of up to 20. It is located next to the viewing area that can hold up to 100 people.

We provide refreshments and light snacks and we can bring food in and serve it hot. We are fully licensed.

You can even open the blinds and watch others fly from the comfort of the meeting room.

For more facilities and a wide range of conference rooms and restaurants including Chiquito, Nandos, Cafe Mef, Costa and others, we have the Chill Factore ski slope just a few meters away and The Trafford Centre about 1/4 of a mile away.

For more details call us on 0161 3593863/4.

Milton Keynes

Xscape Milton Keynes

As part of the larger Xscape experience, you have access to a wide range of fantastic restaurants and bars in the complex, less than a minute away.

There's Ask, Nandos, Pizza Express, Frankie & Benny's, Wetherspoons, La Tasca and more, so something to suit everyone's taste. We are often able to offer our clients preferential deals at most Xscape eateries, or alternatively, arrange the private use of one of the bars where you and your team can relax and unwind after an exhilarating day's flying.

For more details on menus and reservations at any neighbouring restaurants, contact our corporate events team on 01908 247773/2.


Corporate Group

At Airkix Basingstoke & Manchester, why not book our conference room for up to 20 people. It is equipped with large screen TV and everything else you need for a successful meeting.

In Milton Keynes make business a pleasure by hiring one of the well-equipped meeting or conference rooms within the complex. Two deluxe auditoriums are available, complete with private bar and audio visual equipment.


With our close-knit network of friends at Basingstoke’s Leisure Park, the Chill Factore in Manchester and Xscape in Milton Keynes, Airkix can help our guests make even more of their day, by assisting with bookings for any of the following:


  • Sim Car Racing
  • Brushboarding
  • Ski-plex
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Ice Skating
  • Cinema
  • Indoor Water Park


  • Skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing
  • Indoor Climbing Wall

Milton Keynes

  • Skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing
  • Indoor Climbing Wall
  • Casino


If you're looking for something a little bit different (as if flying on a 110mph column of air wasn't enough), why not add to your day with one of our exclusive hosts and really make your experience something you'll never forget.

Our hosts include World Champions, expert disabled flyers and former Red Devils Army parachutists. They can add value to your event in a variety of ways:

  • Host your visit
    From greeting your group on arrival, to sharing lunch and chatting with you after your flights.
  • Unique presentations
    Give presentations on their unique backgrounds and experiences.
  • Focus on relevant topics
    Talk on issues such as team work, goals, challenges head-on, being the best etc.
  • Coach you
    Our hosts will fly with and help coach your group in the tunnel.
  • Show off!
    Our hosts can demonstrate world class skydiving skills normally reserved for 12,000 feet!


Each of the hosts can offer a variety of presentations and CV's – a synopsis of which is available on request. Prices are available on application by emailing us or call us on 01908 247773/2.

Unlike most speakers who talk to a group, take questions and leave, our hosts make shorter presentations and then work with and as part of your group for the complete visit.


World Champion Women's 4-way Formation Skydiving Teams, Team Airkix & V-Max, have proven time and again that they have the skills, commitment, drive and dedication to beat their competitors on the global arena.


  • Going for Gold
  • Midas Touch
  • A Day with Champions

Find out what it takes to compete on the World stage and win, not just once but four times, when one of the girls host your corporate day at Airkix.

Team Airkix are World Champions (supported by Airkix) and are available to host and inspire your group as they speak about the challenges and sacrifices involved in becoming the best female formation skydivers in the world.


  • Introduction to Formation Skydiving; the Formula 1 of skydiving
  • Team spirit – defining it and nurturing it
  • Goal setting
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Handling fear of failure
  • Optimum performance
  • Competitive edge
  • Visualising success



  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Life at 4'6"
  • I had my legs blown off, what's your excuse
  • 101 things to do with no legs

It can be easy to forget that the challenges we face on a daily basis at work and at home are usually surmountable with a little effort and determination.

No-one embodies these principles more fully than Al and 'Swifty', both double amputees and highly accomplished skydivers who lost their limbs in separate incidents in Northern Ireland.

Al has become a full time skydiver and is now British Champion along with his wife Pixie in the 'freestyle' discipline of the sport. He has also been voted British Skydiver of the year in 2010.

You can choose to have both as your hosts or just one, whichever; your day will be a blend of awe, humour and your own tunnel flight challenges.

They'll share their remarkable experiences with you with a down to earth sangfroid and openness that belies the obstacles they've overcome, giving tunnel coaching along the way. We defy you to go home feeling that any problem in the office is insurmountable!


  • Personal backgrounds - life at 4 foot six
  • Making the best of a bad situation
  • As one door closes...
  • Positive Metal Attitude
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Dealing with challenges
  • Achieving excellence



  • Be the best
  • When it all goes off

The Red Devils have about the highest profile of any parachute display team in the world of Skydiving. They also had a hugely successful competition team and each and every member was also a serving member in one of the toughest regiments of the British Army. These guys really live up to the slogan "Be the best".

We've assembled a team of former Red Devil team members who fly and coach in the Airkix facility. Add to that some of their life stories from far flung places in the World and you are sure to come away entertained and having learned a thing or two.

Just let us know how many you'd like to join your team on the day and we'll fix the rest, that's if they are not somewhere else such as Iraq...


Here are some suggested packages, but our Corporate Events Team can customise an event to your specifications, including the use of meeting facilities, presentation equipment, food and drink, and more. Call them in Basingstoke on 01256 305 292, in Manchester on 01613 593 863/4 or 01908 247 773/2 in Milton Keynes .

Corporate flight packages, suggestions and prices
Total flight time Price (ex VAT) Maximum flyers Time per flyer (approx)
30 minutes £449.99 10 10 flyers = 3 minutes
7 flyers = 4 minutes
5 flyers = 6 minutes
3 flyers = 10 minutes
60 minutes £849.99 20 20 flyers = 3 minutes
15 flyers = 4 minutes
10 flyers = 6 minutes
6 flyers = 10 minutes
90 minutes £1,199.99 30 30 flyers = 3 minutes
21 flyers = 4 minutes
15 flyers = 6 minutes
9 flyers = 10 minutes
120 minutes £1,549.99 40 40 flyers = 3 minutes
30 flyers = 4 minutes
20 flyers = 6 minutes
12 flyers = 10 minutes

We can accommodate groups of 40 and above.


For further information, or to make a reservation, call them on:
Basingstoke 01256 305 294
Manchester 01613 593 863/4
Milton Keynes 01908 247 773

Send us an enquiry about our corporate events

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“Thanks Ed. Top man. You made the long trip well worth while. I will definately be booking another session, trying to improve my manouvors!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 42
15 August 2014 at Milton Keynes

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