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Schools at Airkix - Physics is fun


Wind Workshops – Primary Schools

Airkix Wind Workshops are practical, hands-on sessions aimed at Primary School children from year one through to year six with the emphasis on FUN!

School Physics Group at Airkix

Classes are led by Professor Airkix who will take the children through interactive demonstrations, show the basic principles of wind tunnel workings and discuss the merits of surface area and stability for successful flying. Next, he'll set them fun, practical, wind based challenges that encourage time management, problem solving and working in a team.

To make sure the workshop finishes on a high, the children will enjoy our most popular flight experience, which involves two unforgettable flights in our super safe wind tunnel, under the guidance of a highly skilled and friendly instructor. The two flights represent the equivalent freefall time as three real skydives from 12,000 feet, without the danger of course!

"The workshop brought the science to life in an exciting way and was easy for the children to relate to. It was a great way of explaining what was actually happening in the wind tunnel. The whole experience was well designed and well executed, very safe and a thrilling experience."
Primary School Teacher - Manchester

"It was the best trip of my life, I hope I can go back again! It was really cool making the wind powered cars"
Manchester Pupil

At just £28.99 per person (a saving of up to £11.00 per person) the Airkix Wind Workshop is a welcome blast of fresh air!

Physics is Fun at Airkix - Key stages 2 - 4

Teaching forces, friction and air resistance can often be a bit of a drag. Airkix has launched ‘Physics is Fun’, an exhilarating, inspiring and truly hands on way for students to really experience the results of these concepts.

School Group at Airkix

Working in conjunction with the National Space Centre in Leicester, Airkix has developed a full forces based education package including resources to enhance the teaching and learning of these topics.

Every teacher who books a class to visit Airkix can order a set of resources that draw on skydiving footage and interpretation of real skydiving data, along with the prospect of experiencing these forces for real in the vertical wind tunnel, to introduce and build on these topics allowing a real, comprehensive understanding.

School Groups at Airkix

Comprising of presentations, investigations, work sheets, practice questions and full lesson plans (including the theory behind the lessons for non physics specialist teachers), these comprehensive lessons can be rolled out straight from the resources.

Each student will experience two flights in the wind tunnel, equivalent to almost three real tandem skydives and the same as freefalling a distance of three miles!

You may even be blown over with the the price of just £28.99 per person, plus £7.99 for a USB stick with all the teaching resources.

We'll even supply a classroom for the teacher to use free of charge.


‘Schools’ is defined as primary and secondary education and all pupils must be aged 18 or under.

All flyers will be required to complete our statement of risk available online. For flyers under 18, a parent or guardian is required to sign on their behalf on the day.

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Other flyers say…


“For the camera to move and go up when you go up in tunnel”

“Made to feel welcome from start to finish, staff were very friendly and helpful keep you the good work”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 9
Flintshire/Sir Fflint
20 August 2014 at Manchester

The boss says…

To get the camera to follow the flyer would be challenging.... good suggestion though. For info, we record an angled view of everyones flight which should be included on your DVD. It naturally follows on from the DVD's straight on 'level' view and it provided a view to the top of the flight chamber.”

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