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Frequently Asked Questions

All our first time flyer experiences can be booked using our simple online booking system. You can check flight availability or book flights and vouchers. Don't forget, booking online is also cheaper!

Airkix sell vouchers direct, and also we work with a select handful of third party Gift Voucher Companies, like Buyagift, Activity Superstore, Tesco (Clubcard Rewards Scheme), Ex-Element and more.

ALL vouchers are designed to be redeemed using our online reservation system. Redeem your voucher quickly and easily online.

Using our online system, you also have the ability to book in multiple vouchers by clicking ‘Got another voucher?’ after you enter each voucher code.

If you start to redeem a voucher and do not complete the process, you will need to wait around 20 minutes before you try to book again, as it will still be reserving that slot.

Please note, if you have purchased your flight through one of our Gift Experience partners, you will be required to present your original Gift Experience Voucher to Airkix on the day of your flight. So, if you’ve bought your voucher from Buyagift, we’ll ask to see the physical, hard copy Buyagift voucher on the day. Without it, you won’t be able to fly.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that when making your reservation, you select a flight date BEFORE the expiry date of your voucher.

All Airkix vouchers are issued with an expiry date and flights must be taken on or before that date. It is not possible to make your booking before the expiry date and to fly after the expiry date.

If you have a voucher purchased directly from Airkix that is about to expire or has already expired, please contact our customer service team on 0845 331 6549. Although we cannot extend vouchers, we may be able to offer a similar product at a reduced price.

If your voucher was purchased through one of our gift experience partners (e.g. Buyagift, Red Letter Days, Activity Superstore or similar) you will need to contact those partners directly. Contact details can be found on your voucher. 

Firstly, just a reminder that all our direct vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase and you MUST FLY before the expiry date. If you have a voucher valid anytime Monday – Friday during School Term Times, you can fly in both our off peak and anytime hours during the week.

Your voucher will not be valid on Weekends or during the following School Holiday and Bank Holiday periods;

School Holidays 2013

  • October Half Term: 21st Oct - 1st November
  • Christmas School Hols: 16th Dec 2012 - 3rd Jan 2014

Bank Holidays 2013

  • 26th Aug
  • 25th Dec
  • 26th Dec

If you would like to upgrade your flight experience so that you can fly anytime, we are able to do this in almost all cases for a nominal charge. To upgrade a flight experience please contact us using the details found on the 'get in touch' tab.

If you have a flight experience which is for ‘off peak’ times only, we are able to upgrade them in almost all cases for a nominal charge.

To upgrade a flight experience please contact us using the details found on the Get in touch tab.

From time to time Airkix run promotional offers. Check if there are any deals, discounts or offers available right now. Or, like us on our Facebook page for regular updates.

Your report time at Airkix will be confirmed to you via email once you have successfully completed a booking with us.

If you haven’t yet made your booking, you should be aware that just like catching a plane you must arrive and 'check-in' before your actual flight time. You should report to the front desk of your chosen venue at least 1 hour prior to your flight time. So, if you choose to fly at 1600hrs you must arrive by 1500hrs. Please do not be late as we hate to see people miss their flights and we are unable to offer refunds. Find out more information about when to arrive. If you have already made a booking and are still unsure of when or where to arrive, please take a look at the confirmation email you’ll have received when you made your booking.

Firstly, we ask that every flyer completes a 'statement of risk', available at, before arrival. It is particularly important that you take note of the information regarding previously dislocated shoulders. Once completed, you'll be given a multi-digit code that you should bring with you on the day.

If your flight experience was originally purchased through one of our Gift Experience partners or a Gift Voucher company (and not directly through Airkix), you should also bring the original gift voucher that was issued to you. Without these, you'll be unable to fly.

It is also vital that you arrive at Airkix comfortably dressed (avoid collars and hoods) and that you bring a pair of well fitting lace-up trainers. We find that jeans, t-shirt and a pair of skate/running shoes are ideal. If you don't have a pair of lace-up trainers, don't worry, we do have appropriate footwear for hire for £2.95.

If you have long hair we recommend bringing something to tie it up and maybe a brush.

Whilst we do have basic lockers on site, we suggest leaving valuable items at home for real peace of mind. Our lockers accept a £1 coin which is retained and you should be prepared to remove all loose items and all items of jewellery before flying.

Strangely, we never ask how long a skydive lasts but this is the opposite at a wind tunnel. We replicate the skydiving experience and offer flights which are about 1½ times longer than a tandem jump. So each flight is about a minute, often a bit longer but never shorter than 50 seconds. A double flight is about 2 minutes long. Please remember we are selling the exhilarating indoor skydiving experience which should never be measured in terms of time! It may not sound long but as a first time flyer it will seem much longer during the experience itself.

Anyone in a state of reasonable health & fitness can fly. Anyone with a history of neck, back, heart problems, or who has previously suffered a shoulder dislocation, should seek advice from their doctor before flying.

Check out our full list of criteria.

If you have any further questions, or would like to ask a more specific question, please get in touch with us.

Airkix Manchester is located next to the Chill Factore indoor ski slope, and less than four miles from the centre of Manchester.
We are opposite the Trafford Centre and conveniently located just off the M60 motorway at junction 10. For SATNAV users our post code is M41 7JA.

Airkix Milton Keyes is situated at Xscape, directly adjacent to the main Milton Keynes shopping centre.
From the M1: Exit J14, take the A509 towards Centre Milton Keynes. For SATNAV users our post code is MK9 3XS.

The reception desk at all of our facilities is open from 9am - 9pm daily.

Flying times are below, although we are happy to open outside these times for you by special arrangement for Groups of 5 or more.

Flying Times (Exc.Early Bird Kix Start)
Term Time Off-Peak Anytime
Monday - Friday 1100 - 1600
2100 - 2300
1600 - 2100
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays   0700 - 2300
School Holidays Off-Peak Anytime
Monday - Friday 0900 - 1000
2100 - 2300
1000 - 2100
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays   0700 - 2300
Early Bird Kix Start
Weekday Flight Times Available
Monday - Thursday (term time only) All flight sessions before 1200hrs

Term Time:

Off peak prices are applied to flights taken before 4pm and after 9pm Monday to Friday.

School holidays:

Off peak prices are applied to flights taken before 11AM and after 9pm Monday to Friday.

All other times during our operational day are classified ‘anytime’.

For more detail on our operational hours and off peak times, What are your opening times’.

No, once you have made your reservation, you have paid for your flight experience. However we do have a number of extras that can be purchased on the day of your flight. Many customers ask us why we don’t include certain extras in the basic cost of our flight experiences and it’s a good point. The downside is that including extras would simply add a bit to the cost for everyone coming to fly and we don’t think that’s fair. However if you want to add pictures, DVDs, repeat flights or have a Hi-Fly experience we do charge for them as extras. Refreshments are available to purchase at both locations.

If you wish to use a locker for your valuables on the day they accept a £1 coin which is retained. However we do recommend you leave anything of great value at home.

For more information specifically about our extras please get in touch with us.

The Hi-Fly is the equivalent of a hot-lap on a track day where instructors will be able to give you a taste of what’s its like to fly like a pro as they take hold of you and fly you around the tunnel, occasionally high up towards the top. Airkix endeavours to offer the Hi-Fly in as many sessions as possible but owing to the specialist training and experience level required, we are unable to guarantee it. Remembering that Indoor Skydiving is a skill based pursuit, we do encourage flyers to be in control of their own experience and to fly independently of their instructor. The Hi-Fly for that reason is an ‘extra’ and not a standard feature of any Airkix experience.

Instructors able to offer the Hi-Fly are among the most experienced in the world, undergoing hours of rigorous training before they are licensed* to fly with others. If an instructor with the appropriate license deems he can fly safely with an Airkix customer, and enhance their experience at the same time, then the Hi-Fly will be offered. If you have any questions regarding the Hi-Fly, we urge you to speak to a member of the Aircrew in advance of your flight.

Get in touch with us, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Hi-Fly licenses are issued by the independent governing body of our sport, the International Bodyflight Association (IBA).

We have quite a number of regular customers who are disabled and we will do our very best to fly anyone with a disability. This is almost always possible where the disability is physical. Owing to the extra attention normally required we ask that you contact us first and that you take one of our 'Learn to Fly' packages on a weekday as this will ensure we have enough time. Whilst we cannot guarantee you will fly we can guarantee that we will try our best to help you fly.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, and how we can help, contact us for a chat.

No, it’s just like breathing normally actually… there is no specialist breathing equipment required. Just relax and breathing will come naturally.

We can fly anyone aged 4 to 104 providing you are in a state of reasonable health and fitness, and can fit into one of our flight suits and helmets.

Find out details about who can fly.

To make a booking at Airkix we do ask for full, cleared payment at the point you make the reservation. Sorry, but we don’t accept deposits, part payment or pay on arrival.

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Maestro and Mastercard, but we don’t accept Amex Express, sorry.

Please note all credit cards incur a 2% surcharge, so debit card payment is recommended.

If you know you will not be able to make your booking, you may reschedule as follows:

  • Standard bookings with more than a 48-hour notice you may reschedule your flights.
  • Standard bookings with less than a 48-hour notice you will not be able to reschedule flights.

In the event we do reschedule your time within a cancellation period, there will be an administration charge.

If you know that you need to reschedule a booking, please contact us using the details found on the Get in touch tab.

Find out details on the Airkix no show and cancellation policy

Once a booking has been made, we cannot cancel or refund it. However, we do offer some very useful alternatives.

If you know you will not be able to make your booking, you may reschedule your flights as follows:

  • Standard bookings with more than a 48-hour notice you may reschedule your flights.
  • Standard bookings with less than a 48-hour notice you will not be able to reschedule flights.

In the event we do reschedule your time within a cancellation period, there will be an administration charge.

If you know that you need to reschedule a booking, please contact us using the details found on the Get in touch tab.

If you fail to arrive for your flight, the flights will be lost and Airkix is unable to offer refunds.

Click here for further information about reschedules and our cancellation policy.

Airkix does not offer refunds for any reason.

However, if for some reason you know you will be unable to take the flights, you can transfer vouchers or flights to another person. You do not need to notify Airkix of name changes before arrival.

Read more about our cancellation policy.

All coaching, camps and events are detailed here, as well as all the must know details on how to get involved.

All photos can be viewed after your flights, and they’re available to purchase in a number of formats (digital downloads, 6 x 8 prints and more).

You can also share your photos for free on Facebook.

Find photographs from your flight session.

Airkix classifies ‘groups’ as 6 or more flyers. Groups of this size are rewarded with discounts.

Read more about group bookings.

Please note that there is no maximum group size – the more, the merrier.

Should your group size exceed 13, however, we will likely divide you into smaller teams so that the experience is maximised.

Don’t worry though, we have a free viewing gallery at both Manchester and Milton Keynes so you can watch other members of your group fly.

Flyers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 18 yrs of age) on the day of flight. The parent / guardian will be required to provide a signature for their statement of risk as well as attend the classroom briefing. If you are bringing a group / party, the organiser can sign on behalf of multiple participants as a guardian.

To save time, please complete your statement of risk prior to arrival. It is particularly important that you take note of the information regarding previously dislocated shoulders. Once completed, you'll be given a multi-digit code that you should bring with you on the day.

Get in touch?

Still need to get in touch?

If you still need to get in touch, please contact us on 0161 359 3866 and a member of the Aircrew will be happy to help.

Our Customer Service team are available between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am and 6pm on Weekends. Calls cost no more than a local call from a BT landline, mobiles and other networks may vary.

Alternatively you can send us an enquiry below or request a call back.

If you’re calling from abroad use +441256 305295 for Basingstoke, +44161 3593867 for Manchester and +441908 247770 for Milton Keynes.

If you need to contact us outside of our call centre operating hours, please use 01256 305295 for Basingstoke, 0161 3593867 for Manchester and 01908 247770 for Milton Keynes. These phone numbers ring at our reception desks and will be answered when a member of the Aircrew becomes available. Sorry, you cannot leave a message on these numbers.

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General contact details

602 Marlborough Gate,
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Media crew

We love talking to the media about our passion for indoor skydiving. In the first instance, please direct your enquiries to

We also enjoy looking after film crews. If you would like to find out about our costs and terms then please contact us on the same address as above. Alternatively call Louise or Danielle at Berkeley PR on
0118 909 0909.

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“Great crazy family fun to do from 6yrs - 41yrs for us!!! All enjoyed every minute!! Adam was a great instructor and we really enjoyed his display at the end!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 40
7 April 2014 at Basingstoke

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