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The following policy statements are constantly under review.



We NEVER sell or give your data to other organisations for any kind of email or marketing purposes!

Airkix plc respects your privacy and seeks to protect your personal data. We hope that the following information will show you how we gather, use and protect your personal data. More details about the way we use data in a particular Airkix activity may be found in a notice which is provided to you as part of that activity or by contacting the web address below about that particular service.

We aim to ensure that the processing of personal data by or on behalf of Airkix is fair and reasonable and that your personal data is secure, accurate and up to date. Generally speaking this means that each time we want to collect personal data we must tell you the purposes for which we use the data and then ask for your consent to that usage. We only use your data for the purposes for which you consent.


Airkix collects information about our users, suppliers and other individuals it deals with in its day to day business. This information includes contact, registration and payment details, information about the way registered users use our services as well as details of individuals' interests. It is used for administration and to support, improve and obtain feedback on Airkix activities and to prevent and detect breaches of Airkix network security, the law or our contract terms.

We may also in the future, for the same purposes, update this information and collect similar information from any direct contact with such individuals and automatically via the individuals' use or participation in or of Airkix services and activities.

Where allowed by law Airkix may collate information about individuals which it receives from others with the information we obtain directly from them. The information described above may be retained and used by Airkix after an individual ceases to use Airkix services or the individual has ceased dealing with us.

Airkix will also use all this information to assess what Airkix activities, products, services, initiatives or ventures may be of interest to individuals and to personalise the service we provide.

If you are registered with Airkix, Airkix may contact you to obtain feedback on that service or activity and any improvements we could make to it.

Before you register you can browse our web sites anonymously.


If you agree that Airkix may contact you about those of its services which may interest you and any in some circumstances to invite you to client entertainment and similar events by mail, fax, email and (in certain limited circumstances) by telephone from time to time. You have a right to ask us at any time not to contact you by way of direct marketing.


Except where the law permits or unless you agree, Airkix does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties. In some instances, we may pass information to third parties involved in the execution of a relevant Airkix activity. You will generally know if such a transfer of your information happens, except if the third parties are simply working on our behalf as administrators (such as companies that process credit card payments) or if the data is required to be disclosed by law on to a regulator.

If we sell a business division to another company and your personal data is used by that business then your data may be transferred to the buyer along with the business for them to use in the same way.

Material you post on interactive forums, chat rooms or some other data collection activity within the control of Airkix may be available to others using Airkix information.

If you are registered with Airkix as an employee of your employer we may pass certain information to your employer about your activities relating to Airkix where your employer has a legitimate reason to receive it.


A "cookie" is a piece of software or information, which may be sent to your computer. Cookies enable us to collect information about how our websites and services are being used and to manage them. We may also use cookies to identify and track specific usage by you on the website. If we send a cookie to your computer, it will not collect information specifically about you unless we have told you what personal information we are collecting and obtained your consent to do so.


If you have any questions about Airkix privacy/data protection policy please contact us.