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Coaching at Airkix

We know how addictive flying is, join us and become an Airkix Addix.

We hope that once you have flown the first time you will be tempted to return to firstly complete the ten basic levels of flight before moving onto to more complex flying.

At Airkix, we will help you every step of the way but it's up to you how fast and efficient you wish to make it. Our instructors are always on hand to help although their first duty is to the safety and enjoyment of all customers.

For faster or specific progression you may wish to use a coach, this is someone who is dedicated to your progression. A coach will work specifically with you and a session includes a full briefing, working with you in the tunnel and a debrief using footage.

We have special cheaper prices for returning flyers. You can book online, call 0845 331 6549 or 01908 247770, or email us and we'll help you progress with your flying.


We are well equipped to assist your coaching, firstly you can see your flights right there in the tunnel staging area as we have a large flat screen monitor displaying the current session with a two minute delay, so fly, get out and immediately watch how well you did.

The team rooms are equipped with hard disk recording for immediate review of the sessions including chapter marking and controls allowing slow motion forward and back (with more features to come).

Our DVD system is personalised to you and has the facility for multiple sessions on one DVD and we include computer-compatible files for easy video editing.


Airkix Coach

At Airkix, we have an awesome roster of coaches available in all skydiving disciplines, including world and national champions, past and present.

Don’t forget our own highly qualified staff who can coach anything you wish to achieve in the tunnel.

You may also wish to bring a coach with you (who will need to be checked by Airkix) or you could join a tunnel camp.


Coaching prices vary depending on;

  • Who the coach is.
  • How many of you are being coached.
  • How long the sessions are.
  • Whether you are part of a Tunnel Camp.
  • Etc etc!

For further information specific to Milton Keynes call us on 01908 247773/2 or email

For further information specific to Manchester call us on 0161 3593863/4 or email


Airkix Coaches

In our short history we have helped produce World champions in Freefly and FS and our instructors are in high demand because they are quite simply the best (well they do work hundreds of hours every year in the tunnel)!

Coaching is available (at relatively short notice) with Airkix Instructors and they are capable of taking you to World class level in any discipline.

For further information specific to Milton Keynes call us on 01908 247773/2 or email

For further information specific to Manchester call us on 0161 3593863/4 or email

For faster or specific progression you may wish to use a coach, this is someone who is dedicated to your progression. A coach will work specifically with you and a session includes a full briefing, working with you in the tunnel and a video debrief.

The first step toward the goal of total freedom in the air is intensive coaching. Our coaches can help you with training concepts that come from years of teaching and flying experience. Regardless of your flying abilities, working individually with a coach creates a learning environment in which you can be safely challenged to push your limits and raise your awareness. All positions of free flight can be worked on in the tunnel, from belly flying, to head up and head down.

The beauty of learning in the tunnel is that it allows you to focus on building a basic relationship with the air, free of normal skydive distractions, 'looking bad', not being there, break off, deployment, canopy flying, landing, etc.

Your tunnel time will be videoed throughout and the footage will be available for debriefing and on DVD.

Please be aware that tunnel flying is different to skydiving and whilst that may seem obvious it does have greater ramifications for Freeflyers than Flat flyers.

Firstly, we move around more in early freefly and this can be difficult to control as new positions and manoeuvres are tried in a tunnel.

Secondly, back-flying is required as standard position from which many transitions are made to and from. This will need learning and it is important to note that having no rig makes a significant difference.

So, please do not expect to simply translate skydives to minutes and expect to be carving around your buddies in no time at all. New skills take time and it will significantly improve the preciseness of your three dimensional flying on future skydives.

Here's the good news. Coaching is for anyone and everyone from novice flyer to experienced head-down star.

The free fly progression is as follows:

  • Belly Flying.
  • Back Flying.
  • Vertical Flying (stand/walking and sit-flying).
  • Transitions.
  • Head Down.

At each level of progression you will work on:

  • Body position.
  • Fall-rate control.
  • Forward and backwards movement.
  • Turns.
  • Side-sliding.
  • Grips.
  • Super positioning.


Want to turbo-charge your learning?

At Airkix we only work with FS and Freefly coaches of the highest level, they’re services include full briefing and debriefing using our state of the art systems and DVD footage to take with you if required.



Become a tunnel coach
with Ted Foster

Airkix Milton Keynes - Dates TBC

We’re often asked what it takes to become a wind-tunnel coach...

Well, we like coaches to be able to operate safely, in collaboration with our instructors, and to be able to pass on their knowledge and skills to students in a friendly and effective way. It’s not always about being the World’s best flyer, but more about understanding how students learn and developing a programme of in-flight drills that will maximise their chances of success.

Being able to coach outside of the tunnel is also important, so understanding the basic principles and theory behind flying techniques is great knowledge to have when giving your pre-flight and post-flight briefings.

Tunnel coaching isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but we’d like to help.

At Airkix Milton Keynes, we’ve decided to run regular mini-camps designed to get you to a level where you can competently coach people, whether it be your friends or DZ buddies. We want to give you the opportunity to invite fellow flyers to Airkix and to be a part of their progression – how rewarding is that?

For a limited time only we are offering these sessions for just £200 as an introductory offer!

Each session will include:

  • An assigned Bodyflight Association Trainer as your coach - Ted Foster
  • Minimum 20 minutes of tunnel time, packed with pre-planned drills and role-plays
  • Classroom theory
  • All necessary tuition to help you achieve your goal

Of course, it may take more than one of these mini-camps to reach the goal of becoming an IBA recognised belly coach and we understand people have busy lives. So, we’re taking a ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach, meaning you can book when it suits you.

Remember though, just like learning to drive, it helps if you can commit to attend on a regular basis. You can expect to be on site from 1900hrs to 2300hrs.

So, BOOK TODAY as there are only 3 spaces per camp available! Call us on 01908 247773 or email to get on board.


Please keep in mind that we follow a Freefly progression where certain skills have to be demonstrated before moving on to the next level.

Briefly described they are: belly-fly, back-fly, walking, sit-fly, transitions and finally head-down.

If you are ready to start flying on your head and you have progressed through all the other levels, please let us know when you book your flights so we will have a qualified safety instructor available for you.

For further information specific to Milton Keynes call us on 01908 247773/2 or email
For further information specific to Manchester call us on 0161 3593863/4 or email


Airkix and our coaches run regular events in every flying discipline at all three of our fabulous tunnels. They are great learning platforms and social occasions, here are some of the most frequent.

Airkix Flight Academy

Airkix Flight Academy

EVERY Tuesday & Thursday – Airkix Milton Keynes

Airkix Milton Keynes has enlisted one of the finest roster of coaches the UK has ever seen (including Claire 'Sparky' Scott and Andy Ford) for the 'Flight Academy' - held every Tuesday and Thursday night*.

These skills nights are tailored to skydivers with an interemdiate skill set, or those with very little in-air experience.

In other words, if you're pre, mid, post AFF, working towards FS1, or if you're simply a keen tunnel flyer with no skydiving experience, these camps are for you. You can expect other like-minded flyers to be on board and you'll be under the guidance of fabulous, friendly and experienced pro-coaches.

You'll also meet potential new jump buddies, get to fly with those of similar skill level and have a right old laugh in the process!

To get on board, it's easy: Contact our coaches on:

Claire 'Sparky' Scott: or 07812 060215
Andy Ford: or 07876 500515

*If you can't make the Flight Academy sessions on Tues or Thurs, both Sparky and Andy can coach at other times too, and there's no limit to what they can coach. They're both competitors, champs, advanced tunnel flyers and bloomin' nice people, so they have the Airkix 'stamp of approval' for all coaching!

4-Way FS Scrambles!

SPECIAL EDITION... 4-Way FS Scrambles!

Basingstoke & Manchester - Friday 10th October 2014

Double tunnel Scrambles trouble!

Suddenly, our incredible and ever popular 4-Way FS Scrambles competition just got even better! We’re delighted to announce that skydiving legends John McIver, Dave West, Claire “Sparky” Scott, and Martin Soulsby will be coming together for the first time to host an inter-tunnel Scrambles competition!

That’s right, get ready for an extra special, sensational evening of fun, friendly and actioned packed mayhem - not to be missed!

And... it’s still just £35 per person (for 10 minutes tunnel time), this has to be the best value and most enjoyable tunnel time you’ll ever fly!

FS Scrambles include;

  • Pre-event brief from your dedicated hosts
    (That’s Martin and Claire at Basingstoke and John and Dave at Manchester)
  • 6 rounds of friendly competition including practice & novelty round
  • Minimum 10 minutes tunnel time per person
  • Competition prizes up for grabs!

On the day;

  • Your hosts will draw the teams at random at approx 6:30pm
    We always ensure an even spread of ability from rookie to pro!
  • Briefing commences at 7pm followed by flights promptly at 8pm
    Please note, we are often flying until after 11pm
  • You will compete as part of the same team throughout the competition
  • There are 6 rounds in total including a practice round and special novelty round, thought up by your hosts
    During the competition ‘real time’ results will be published for you to see across both locations
  • There will be prizes for both individual tunnel champions and an overall winning team with the highest score over 6 rounds over across both locations!

Other need to know stuff

  • Scrambles welcomes a vast mix of flyers with varying degrees of ability and experience – that’s part of the fun, right? Please note however, that although knowledge and experience of the 4-Way dive pool is not essential, we do ask that participants are versed in group flat flying in a wind tunnel.
  • If you’re unsure whether you’re at the level required, don’t worry, contact us on 0845 331 6549 before registering and we’ll happily discuss your flying experience.

These events always sell-out so register early to avoid disappointment.

Register now for Basingstoke

Register now for Manchester

Or Speak to the Aircrew for further information
Basingstoke:0845 331 6549 (opt 2)
Manchester: 0845 331 6549 (opt 3)

Girls smiling after flying


If you're over 18 and looking for a more personalised approach to flying in a fun and friendly environment with other like-minded flyers, then Flight Night is for you.

For just £49.99, you'll receive five flights plus free in-flight coaching (including pre-brief and de-brief) from some of our most experienced instructors.

Book in Manchester
Book in Milton Keynes

What's more, we'll track your improvements using the International Bodyflight Association progression system and when your skills are up to it, we'll get you flying in groups, meaning even better value for money.


Until 16th December 2013, Flight Night will be running on Monday nights in both Manchester and Milton Keynes. Report time is 6.30pm for a 7.30pm flight time. We advise that you book early to avoid disappointment as spaces fill up fast.


  • Flyers must be over 18 years old.
  • Each flight represents approximately a 12,000 ft skydive.
  • Standard no-show, refund and cancellations policy applies.
  • Flight Night coach may change at short notice.
  • Participants must have flown at Airkix at least once before.
  • Vouchers are not available for this experience.
Kid having fun flying at Airkic


Would you be impressed if we told you that your kids could fly with, and be taught by a World Champion skydiver or top rated IBA tunnel instructor?

Well, we're offering your children the opportunity to fly with some of our best instructors as they head up the coolest club in town.

Book in Manchester
Book in Milton Keynes

The coaching is free; you just pay for the tunnel time. The kids will meet at the tunnel, do a stretch and pre-brief, fly with a big smile (while learning new skills), and finally de-brief with video.


Until 18th December 2013, Kidz Club will be running on Monday and Wednesday nights in both Manchester and Milton Keynes. Report time is 5.30pm for a 6.30pm flight time. We advise that you book early to avoid disappointment as spaces fill up fast.


  • Being a team-player.
  • Increased body awareness.
  • Proper stretching.
  • Setting realistic goals (and the technique to achieve them).
  • Flying with others.
  • Creating routines.
Super Kid

We'll work with the kids on advanced flight maneuvers as well as having them fly together. Kidz Club introduces fun choreography and fun flight games & exercises that speed up the learning curve.

Kidz club costs £25, it guarantees five flights minimum and includes a free DVD for each flyer (value £14.95). Depending on skill level and choreography the kids can potentially end up flying up to the equivalent of 15 flights as they use all available time and will progress to flying together.


  • Must be 16 years or younger.
  • Flyers must have flown within the last three months.
  • A maximum of six flyers per class.
  • Must arrive on time to ensure sufficient time for briefing.
  • Vouchers not available for this club.

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