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Tricks while flying

Welcome Pro-Flyers

Welcome proflyers. You are vital to Airkix, so much of what we do is with you in mind.


We offer pro-flyers lower prices and the best facilities, plus Advanced Training in:

Let us know your plans when you book, and we'll make sure we have correctly qualified staff on hand.

You can share your time with other skydivers and fly with them in the tunnel once our staff have checked you all out. You can bring your own coach or we can provide one for you. Download our log book, to keep track of your progress.


We have a comfortable Pro-flyer lounge area just next to the team rooms and tunnel. We also offer:

  • DVD recording and viewing
  • digital photography
  • team rooms
  • free gear hire when required
  • lockers and WiFi access.

Plus there's a viewing area for friends or family (with a cafe in Manchester).

Hangers on

Speaking of friends and family... We appreciate the hassle you have when sliding off to the DZ on a regular basis. Maybe we can help. At Airkix your family and friends can:

  1. Watch you fly.
  2. Fly themselves.
  3. Experience Ski-plex, Brush Boarding or SIM Car Racing in Basingstoke, or visit The Trafford Centre in Manchester, where you'll find Chill Factore, a 180 metre long, real snow slope or have fun at Xscape in Milton Keynes.


Better still there's no waiting for the wind to drop, for you or your family. You'll know when you start and when you finish. Many of our pro-flyers train at Airkix, then meet non-flyers for a meal afterwards.

An economical way to train

Airkix pro-flyer tunnel time is an economical way to train; for example:

  • 4way jump with video
    £20 x 5 = £100 for 45 seconds = £133 per minute
    (plus any cost of paying your camera-flyer and £5 x 5 = £25 for pack jobs) = £158 per minute minimum and with depreciation ignored.
  • A coached 2 way with video
    (£20 x 3) + (£5 x 3) = £75 for 45 seconds = £100 per minute
    (this ignores coaching fees, camera-flyer fees and depreciation).

Add to this the time you save and the amount of training you can complete in a single session and the savings keep rolling in.

For freeflyers, a minute is a minute and that's important when you burn up altitude from 12,000ft.



Your typical FS or freefly suit will work fine. For freeflying, a baggier suit may help produce extra lift. Be aware any old zippers, loose threads, or tiny holes can quickly become major blowouts in the tunnel due to the extended amount of freefall time.


Any suitable skydiving full or open face helmet will suffice. For extended tunnel activities, most people find a full face more comfortable, but please ensure the visor is totally secure. No camera gear may be worn in the tunnel. Camera helmets should have any loose screws and parts removed to avoid potential fan damage. Any camera helmet with a metal surface or protrusion may not be used. Please be sure any velcro kit is fresh.


Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended to avoid painful contact with the walls. We do not provide pads but do have them available for sale.


Many jumpers who do not need weight in freefall choose to wear some in the tunnel as it can be tough to arch for hours on end. It can also help equalise your fall rate with other flyers.

If you have weight, it is wise to bring it but it must be checked out before you enter the tunnel and you should ensure that no weights or lead can escape. We do insist that weight is worn inside the jumpsuit.

We do have a selection of weight belts available for hire.

Your thoughts?

Airkix was created by people in the skydiving community, but we never make the mistake of thinking we've done enough.

We welcome your ideas for improvements. Contact Us to share.

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Other flyers say…


“Staff and management at Manchester were super. Really caring and helped us when we ran into traffic difficulties. Instructors very enthusiastic and encouraging. Fab experience.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 16
23 August 2014 at Manchester

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Thank you also for your  separate email too. It was our pleasure and i will ensure that the entire team will read your lovely words.”

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